At Nextage Lone Star Realty, we are moving people into the NextAge of Real Estate. We believe in the power of “we,” focusing on a team approach to real estate. We are able to provide top quality service to all of our clients by keeping informed and current in real estate news and market conditions. Our team celebrates the individual successes of our team members by highlighting each members’ accomplishments in a team setting and sharing our steps towards such successes amongst one another. We further help each other stay current in real estate news, laws, and market conditions by sharing our knowledge and experiences on a weekly basis, during our Team Meetings and educational events. We update one another on the information we have acquired in classes, transactions, and other various sources such as periodicals, newscasts, and webinars.


Meet the Nextage Team:

Leadership – REALTORS® leading the way at Nextage

Team – Our team of REALTORS®

Commercial Division – Our team of Commercial REALTORS®

Join the Team – Live a Life Without Limits at Nextage

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